About this website

This website was developed by the Design and Web Development Group, Delhi College of Engineering
  1. Medhavin Goyal (Batch of 2010)
  2. Sumeet Kumar (Batch of 2011)
  3. Gaurav Aggarwal (Batch of 2012)
  4. Kartikeya Kaul (Batch of 2012)

The software used for the creation of this website are as follows

  1. Macromedia Dreamweaver 8
  2. Adobe Photoshop CS4
  3. Adobe Illustrator CS4

The local testing was carried out using the combination of Apache HTTP Server, PHP and MySQL. The GUI used for accessing the MySQL databses was PHP MyAdmin.

The website has been tested for compatibility with Microsoft Internet Explorer (Version 6+), Mozilla Firefox (Version 3.0.1+) and opera ( 9.0 +)

The website is best viewed on a monitor with the resolution of 1280x800.

The design was conceptualized and created in-house. The same holds for the code development process.

    This website is mainained by :-

  1. Gaurav Aggarwal (Batch of 2012)

  2. Mohit Mittal(Batch of 2012)