Team Tifac

    • Prof. R. K. Sinha, Head of Department, Applied Physics, DTU

    • Prof. Rajeev Kapoor, Head of Department, ECE, DTU

    • Prof. O. P. Verma, Head of Department, IT, DTU

    • Mr. Rajesh, Co-ordinator, ECE Department

    • Mr. N. S. Raghava, Co-ordinator, IT Department

    • Mr. Avinash Singh, ECE Department

    • Dr. M. S. Mehta, Applied Physics

    • Dr. Yogita Kalra, Applied Physics

    • Dr. Ajeet Kumar, Applied Physics

    • Ambrish Kumar- Senior Technical Officer

    • Shruti- Senior Technical Assistant

    Monitoring Committee

    • Dr. D.P.S. Seth
    Member TRAI, Chairman - RMC

    • Dr. O. P. Nijhawan
    Former Director IRDE &
    Former President of Optical Society of India, Member

    • Shri A. Razdan
    Associate General Manager
    Sterlite Optical Technologies Limited, Aurangabad, Member

    • Dr. Y. N. Singh
    EE Department, IIT Kanpur, Member

    • Mr. S. Muneshwar

    • Prof. P. B. Sharma
    Vice-Chancellor, Delhi Technological University, Delhi

    • Representative of Industrial Partners
    Permanent Invitee

    • Prof. R. K. Sinha
    Chief Co-ordinator

    Departments Involved

    Currently following departments of Delhi Technological University (formerly Delhi College of Engineering), are involved in this project:
    • Applied Physics
    • Electronics & Communication Engineering
    • Information Technology

    Research Scholars

    • Ms Swati Rawal
    Photonic Crystal Waveguides and Devices

    • Ms Monika Rajput
    Devices and components based on negative refraction
    Refraction:Theory & Design

    • Ms Sri Vidya Sridhar
    Growth and field emission studies of carbon nanotubes

    • Bhawana Dabas
    Photonic Crystal fiber based Devices

    • Mr Kamal Kishor
    Photonic Crystal Fiber and Metamaterials

    • Shruti
    Design and Development of Planar Waveguides for Optical communication and Sensors

    • Ms Venus Dillu
    Plasmonic Photonic Waveguides & Devices

    B.E / M.E Students

    • Jivesh Kaushal, Optical Soliton

    • Mohit Aggarwal, Optical Network

    • Over 60 student members of the International Society for Optical Engineering,
    (SPIE) DCE Chapter & B.Tech. Engineering Physics.

    • Over 10 student members of Optical Society of America, OSA-DCE Chapter

    • Mohit Mittal & Akash Kumar, Website Administrator

    • Students of M.Tech. (Microwave & Optical Communication Engg.) and
    M.Tech. (Nano Science & Technology